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White Christmas Starts NOW

*2018 Christmas Flyer

*Double Spiked White Orchids

*6'' Flowering Phal Orchids
On Sale$19.95

*Buy any arrangement, get a pack of Specialized Orchid Fertilizer for FREE

We deliver smiles and Greetings

What can express your greetings better than a long lasting, unique, elegant orchid?

From across the miles, there's a perfect way to show your love and seasonal greetings: stunning, eye-catching, long-lasting, superior quality orchids / orchid arrangements.

The orchid gift is hand-picked for size and colour according to your preference. All gifts include a personal note in a lovely layout.

Perfect Wedding Centerpieces

Orchids symbolize elegance, beauty, love, and strength. All the qualities make orchids an unique choice for wedding flowers. Let us satisfy your flower taste with large selection of quality orchids. The potted orchids will make a gorgeous statement, the best display, and a long lasting gift.

Call 204.338.2340 or Email for more details!

City Wide Delivery Available

Simple Gift Ideas


Gift Ideas for the upcoming holidays?  We've prepared something special for you. Pre-order your ES Gift Certificates now and get a Specialized Orchid Fertilizer for FREE!

* New Arrivals *

Let It Shine!

Hands-on Orchid Workshop
“Repotting: Timing & Skills"

You have kept your orchids alive for a long time, they may bloom for you from time to time, everything seems ok. Recently you notice some changes: Several roots are growing over the pot..Some of the roots are rotting..The medium smells funny..Mold on the grow medium..You know it's time to repot the orchid. But how to do it correctly?

Let our Hands-On workshop solve all the repotting problems for you. Step by step, this workshop will offer an opportunity for you to take part in a potting demonstration with our expert.

Time: Feb. 10 (Sun.) 3:00 pm-3:45 pm

Fee: $15 (includes a mini lecture, repotting class, a repotting orchid and potting medium)

Do you Know? Repotting class are also offered to groups of 5 or more year round. Call 204.338.2340 to make your reservations or get more details.


 Customized Orchid Arrangement
We provide only superior quality orchids

 Ever Spring is combining over 40 years of experience in the art of Orchid field. Our goal is to serve you with our expert knowledge and provide you with the best selection of orchids available.


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A finishing touch of homes and offices




Orchids as wedding reception centrepieces




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