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There is a mystique surrounding orchids. Their beauty and elegance causes us to believe they are difficult to grow. The truth is almost everyone can grow an orchid. We offer some basic guidelines to follow on this page. You will be rewarded with beautiful flowers year after year.

   Orchid Care
 PHALS     The best orchid for a novice grower to try is the Phalaenopsis, otherwise known as a Phal or Moth Orchid. The flower colours vary from pure white to almost black.There is no other orchid flower in existence that carries the variety of colours and textures of the Phalaenopsis....MORE

   Orchid Care
CATTLEYA  Cattleyas are among the most commonly grown orchids, and their culture is often used as the basis for comparison with other types of orchids. The flowers in Cattleyas and their related hybrids come in many colors.......MORE

   Orchid Care
ONCIDIUM  Oncidiums may originate anywhere from sea level in the tropics to the high elevations of the Andes. More specific instructions may be available from the grower. Some genera included are Aspasia, Brassia, warm- growing miltonias (often called the Brazilian type) and many of their hybrids.....MORE

   Orchid Care
BASIC      Orchid's potting medium should be kept evenly moist. In general, watering your orchid once every 2 week should keep it healthy and happy. If you live in a humid area, however, your orchid may not require water as often......MORE

   Orchid Needs                                                       
ORCHID SUPPLIES     We offer a large selection of orchid supplies: assorted orchid pots, specialized fertilizer, small/medium bags of sphagnum moss...Everthing you need to make your orchids bloom and thrive....MORE

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